March 2018 update

The official Phaser 3.0.0 was recently released publicly on 13th of February, 2018.  It is schedule for a new Phaser 3.2.0 release soon. So, I thought my followers need the latest updates on this book. 

This book is intended to be a hands-on guide for Game Prototype creations using the Phaser JavaScript Gaming Framework for both versions 2.x.x & 3.x.x.

As of February 2017, this book is the first and only available tutorial on Lazer/Phaser v3.x.x, and will continue to supplement version 3 as features become available. Therefore, if you purchased this book from, you will have a continually updated version. This is the Amazon edition 2 released 20171227 and distributed on If you are a customer from Amazon or, you may access the latest information from the book's website.


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Dec 21, 2017

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